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Here at Treebark Pets, LLC. we create and sell trendy, fashionable dog accessories while raising funds for shelter dogs that need grooming so they can find a home faster. Many dogs are brought into shelters nationwide in very rough shape. Shelters and rescues sometimes don't have the necessary funds for grooming or they would need to call in a groomer or drop them off somewhere, which costs them time and resources. We are here to bring awareness to the animals that need grooming and baths in shelters, and to give them a makeover to catch the eye of potential adopters. Once these animals are cleaner and cuddlier, they find a home rather quickly. 
Now you can directly help sponsor a homeless dog in the shelter by providing a well needed spa day and makeover to help get them adopted! Now when you sign up to sponsor a makeover, you get to help a dog in need of a bath or haircut while it is in search of their forever home. Many dogs that come into the shelter are strays, found in the streets, and are in desperate need of some cleaning up. Once they are clean and smelling good, they tend to feel so much better, they act happier, and people are more likely to hug them and bring them home. I've seen it happen! 
With every sponsorship of a mutt makeover, it includes the following for the homeless pet being pampered:
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Nail trim/grind
  • Bath
  • Blow-dry
  • Brush out
  • Hair cut and de-matting if needed
  • Bandana/bows
  • Scented cologne
With every sponsorship, you will receive an email update of a photo and some information about the shelter dog that you helped provide pampering for the day. Thanks to your support, we can makeover even more mutts that need help. 



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Sponsor a mutt makeover today.

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